Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yearly Check Ups

Today the boys had their yearly well child check up with the doctor.  It went really well until they were informed that they would be getting a flu shot.  Michael did really well waiting but David had a major crying fit!  He was mostly cried out by the time he got the shot, but refused to cooperate with the nurse an tensed up his arm.  That only makes it hurt but he wouldn't listen.  We have a very stubborn boy when he wants to be that way!

Anyway, the boys are really healthy and growing right on schedule.

David (age 7, will be 8 on Saturday): 4' 5" tall and 64 pounds

Michael (age 6): 3' 9.88" tall and 48 pounds

Overall, the doctor was very happy with their growth and progress.  They both laughed when tickled and he said that was a good sign!  Of what, I am not sure.

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