Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yearly Check Ups

Today the boys had their yearly well child check up with the doctor.  It went really well until they were informed that they would be getting a flu shot.  Michael did really well waiting but David had a major crying fit!  He was mostly cried out by the time he got the shot, but refused to cooperate with the nurse an tensed up his arm.  That only makes it hurt but he wouldn't listen.  We have a very stubborn boy when he wants to be that way!

Anyway, the boys are really healthy and growing right on schedule.

David (age 7, will be 8 on Saturday): 4' 5" tall and 64 pounds

Michael (age 6): 3' 9.88" tall and 48 pounds

Overall, the doctor was very happy with their growth and progress.  They both laughed when tickled and he said that was a good sign!  Of what, I am not sure.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

August is Birthday Month!

August is the Birthday Month for the Larkins Family.
Yep, all 4 of us have birthdays in August.
No, we don't have Birthday Cake all month long.
This year we decided to have one big party to celebrate the boys' birthdays and picked a Saturday about halfway between the two.  We rented a water slide bouncy house and set up the backyard for fun!  The bouncy house was at one end of the back yard while the pool was at the other end.  We placed the food and cake on the side with chairs grouped near by.  Over all, it was a great day!  The party officially started at 1:00 with a 'come-and-go' feel.  We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner for those still hanging out with us in the evening.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the boys loved it! 
Putting stickers on the bubble bottles that went into the goody bags.

The 5-n-1 water slide bouncy house

David picked Spiderman for his cake,

Michael picked Batman for his cake.

David used the money he got for his birthday to buy what he wanted.
What little he had left went into his piggy bank.

Michael used the money he got for his birthday to buy what he wanted.
He decided to put what he had left over in his piggy bank!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yearly Check-Up

The boys had their yearly Well-Check on August 7 this year and got great news!  They are both extremely healthy and free of ear wax build-up.  Yes, that last part is a huge answer to prayer since last year was bad with the Great Wall of Ear Wax for both boys (especially Michael). 

David's Stats:  Age: 6 11/12
                      Height: 50" (75-90%)
                      Weight: 53.5 pounds (50-75%)
                      BP: 102/60
                      Vision screen wasn't done since he had his eyes checked by an eye doctor back in June and is now wearing glasses for reading purposes (even though we make him wear them most of the time). 

Michael's Stats:  Age: 5
                        Height: 43.25" (50-75%)
                        Weight: 42.5 pounds (50-75%)
                        BP: 92/56
                        Vision Screen: 20/30 for both eyes

Doc said to keep on doing what we are doing (allergy meds, vitamins, fiber chews, etc) and that they are extremely healthy.  No concerns at this time.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Birds

We have baby birds in the nest!!
Mama Bird laid 4 eggs and I think that at least 3 of them have hatched.  There are 2 birds that are in the front area and seem to be thriving.  It is hard to see much because we don't want to bother the nest, babies and Mama Bird.  At least one was chirping when I went out to get this picture today.  We (the boys and I) were able to watch as Mama Bird came to the nest with something in her mouth (hoping it was food for the babies) yesterday afternoon.  Glad to see that she is doing what she can for her babies and the boys were excited to watch from inside the house!
Feed Me!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Backporch Bird Nest

We noticed Sunday that we have a bird nest inside one of our folding chairs.  We are not sure what kind of bird, but it is small (about 5-6 inches tall) and looks kinda like a finch.  It is brownish grey and we have only seen one bird so far.  Yesterday afternoon I was checking on it and noticed that there was an egg inside.  This morning I found 2 eggs inside!  Sheba (our dog) just ignores the chair when she is outside, so we are not concerned with her bothering it.  The boys have been told to not mess with the chair or the nest and so far they are not interested in it at all (which is a good thing!). 
The bird nest is nestled down into the chair with the opening on the side. 
Can't wait to see baby birds hatching!!

Yesterday, there was one egg when I took the picture.

New Glasses

This past year, David has had trouble with reading.  One of our concerns was his eyesight and yesterday he went for his very first Eye Exam.  He did fantastic!  He was very cooperative and responded well to the doctor.  The only thing he was not happy about was one of the eye drops that helps dilate the eye because it stung a little bit.  His eyes look really healthy (according to the doctor) and he only has a slight prescription.  She said that it was up to us if we wanted him to get glasses or not; we chose to get him glasses.  He picked out a really neat pair of Nike glasses that are mostly bright blue with some blue-green added inside the ear pieces.  He is really excited about them and we are hoping that they will help with seeing the letters clearly when reading. 

Now, if we can just get him to pronounce words and letters correctly......

Monday, June 3, 2013

Our New Family Toy

Chris and I have been talking about things to keep the boys busy this summer and about getting something for them to play on in the backyard.  Since both boys love water (splashing, swimming, etc), we decided to get a pool.  I've been looking at several recently and this past Saturday, we went to Wal-Mart and got one.  It took just over an hour to set it up and several hours to fill.  It is not huge, but is big enough for the boys to play in.  We got the 12 foot x 30 inches one with a pump to keep the water moving.  Sunday afternoon (late) we went out to try out our new pool.  The water was freezing but the boys had a ton of fun.  Now all I need is a nice reclining lounge chair to sit in while they are playing in the pool. 
Set up and filling!!!

Still too short to climb in on his own
Wanted Daddy to throw him in!!

Getting adjusted to the cold!!!

See, I can fit
Where's my chair???
Okay, not the most flattering pictures of the adults, but hey, this is who we are!  :)